Archiving Our Memories


Archiving Memories of the School

We have in our possession a significant amount of documentation such as photographs, certificates and School Magazines most of which is posted on the website.The committee are conscious that at some time in the future someone will have to" switch off the light" on the website and our other activities.  For that reason the Nottinghamshire Archives have been approached to see whether they would be interested in taking this material. They replied promptly that they would be pleased to accept our collection which would be put in the Education Section. 

This is an opportunity to ensure that a record of the School will be preserved in perpetuity and you are invited to send to us any documentation that you would like to see included in this initiative. The Archivist has said that they will accept future submissions and that they are particularly interested in original photographs although they will accept digital copies.  The problem with digital copies of course is that as technology changes occur there is a danger of loss of data and quality during transfer. 

So please contact Tony Keyworth on 07800866825 to discuss arrangements for getting any material to us. 

 I will be labelling the material in the next few weeks ready for handing it to the Archivist in late November.